Software Engineering Society

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What is it?

It is an event where a large group of people engage in collaborative programming. The event usually takes place over the course of the weekend lasting 24 - 36 hours. Typically hosted by a university with many industry sponsors and prizes, encouraging students to develop innovative solutions for real problems.

Why Participate?

Free FOOD, SWAG (Stuff We All Get) and an excuse to travel! If this is not enough of a reason, hackathons are amazing experiences to apply what you've learned, pick up new skills and NETWORK! These competitions are free and we offer travel reimbursements so there is no real reason not to participate.


The Software Engineering Society is a committee that works to make your experience and the software engineering program at McMaster the best it can be! We regularly plan events that allow you to network with your fellow students and, professional development events that help you gain a better understanding of the field. If you are looking to get involved or meet other people in your faculty then we are here for you!

If there you have any comments, concerns or requests let us know! We can help put together a workshop, talk to the software engineering professors and make sure your voice is heard. So reach out to us and get involved!

Reimbursement Forms

If you have gone to an event that is related to software engineering or developing yourself in general, we offer partial travel reimbursement. To start the process just fill out the forms below.

Some examples of valid reimbursements are for travel pertaining to software related conferences, Hackathons and other related events/activities.

Looking for something to do?

Why not check out some of the software oriented events/clubs on campus

McMaster Competitive Programming

A community of passionate individuals dedicated to increasing the technical skills of McMaster students. Members are well-versed in competitive computing concepts and represent McMaster University in the world prestigious International Collegiate Programming Competition.

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McMaster's annual student hackathon for change. Encouraging students in all fields of study to come together to build real world applications that create positive change. The ultimate goal behind this hackathon is to include, not only the engineering and computer science students, but all talented individuals from all backgrounds to collaborate, create, and bring ideas to life. We want you to shoot for the stars.

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Our Message

We are a group of people who have choosen to go into the field fo software engineering, on the path we have decided to work together to make an enviroment convlusive to making it easier for our peers to get gogin aswell.

Our Team